Criminal Legal Blavo & Blavo TV lawyer websites

Legal Blavo is one of the biggest, budget funded, Lawyer firms in London.

  • The main idea is to have an internet presence that is serious, professional and that will thrust and confidence. On that idea, black the most serious color you can have, and add red to that, to express the crime part (many of the lawyer firm’s clients being at a delicate point of their lives, facing jail-time).
  • The black and white theme makes the website more memorable, and easier to remember than a “normal” colored website would be.
  • The blocky, stylised photo shapes and website elements help the website keep a modernist feel even with the use of only black and white.

Legal Blavo TV website:

  • The website uses gradients and pictures of London to relate to the main Blavo website.
  • Also, a short presentation about the main Blavo website added to the right, to make some viewers also visit the firm’s main website
  • The title of each video, and the name of the lawyer that made it are easy to see.

Customer: Criminal Legal Blavo