Dominos Render

Intended as a tutorial:

Speed is 300% (3 times faster so it won’t be too boring but slow enought that the actions are still visible)
took me about an hour and 20 minutes to do this (I can do it faster if I don’t use a car as underlay) the time for this tehnique on a normal sketch should be somewhere between 40-60 minutes.

The drawing is done over the chevy spark because that is the donor car for the domino’s UDV.

The tehnique simplifies things separating the sketch in 2 phases:

  • value (black and white)
  • color (added later through the use of layer modes)


  • set your light source
  • draw on a layer over the initial sketch with light brush strokes (you have to see the lines)
  • if you want to completly remove the initial drawing simply copy the value layer multiple times, this will make it opaque and you will be able to draw you details over it (I don’t do that here because that takes a bit longer)

Customer: Inteli Graphics